Battlefront II Is Live Despite Controversy Continuing

Today EA‘s Star Wars Battlefront II went live for anyone who purchased the Deluxe Trooper edition. I’ll be doing a full campaign play through on my Twitch channel beginning at 10:00am EST, feel free to stop over and check it out.

The launch has not been without controversy stemming from information gained during the 4-day EA Access First Play. Basically the issue revolves around the in-game credits and the amount of time it would take to get enough credits to unlock iconic heroes such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, with some calculations predicting that it would take 40 hours of grinding through to accumulate enough credits. The alternative option would be to use real money to purchase additional credits in a micro-transaction to unlock the characters earlier. The terms “Pay-to-Win” and “Micro-transaction” have become absolutely toxic in the gaming community, but often get thrown around too freely and without consequence.

EA‘s initial response on this topic has become the most downvoted post on Reddit in the history of the service.

Honestly I don’t want to comment on the progression and the fairness of the game until I actually play it.

However I have to say that I find it annoying, repulsive, and downright embarrassing the number of people who are complaining about the cost of the game, complaining about hero locks, and complaining about the game grind BEFORE playing the game. I will say that I don’t view this as “Pay-to-Win“, since the system they are currently implementing is very similar to the Halo 5 REQ system. Yes you can use a micro-transaction to obtain more credits, but those credits are also available through the gaming grind. The possible content of the reward crate (as explained) is not different. When people complain about the “money grab” from the company for the micro-transactions, I have to point out that EA Access costs a subscription rate of $4.99 a month and the price difference between the base game and the deluxe edition was about $40 but I see no one complaining about either of those… at least not yet.

I will do a full breakdown post on it after completing the campaign and logging 5 hours of PvP. I will examine my progression and then I will be able to render an educated opinion on the topic instead of spouting off like the rest of the internet.

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