Battlefront II Announces Season 1 Content

EA has announced content for Battlefront II during what is being called The Last Jedi Season.

Players will choose one of two factions to play for, the Resistance or the First Order, and will receive as of yet unspecified rewards for the completion of weekly Faction Challenges.

Monday December 13 is scheduled to see new heroes Finn and Captain Phasma become available in game along with a new Galactic Assault map for Crait, a new Starfighter Assault map for D’Qar, a new hero A-Wing fighter (RZ-A2), and most interestingly (at least to me) another episode in the single-player campaign titled “Resurrection“.

The “season” is scheduled to last four weeks, with both weekly and weekend challenges for players to tackle. Additionally, Sundays are being designated as a hot button day for specific gametypes such as “Blast Sunday” on 12/10, “Galactic Assault Sunday” on 12/17, and “Starfighter Assault” on 12/24.

All of this additional content/events is included in the base game.

These challenges/additional cinematic content is a departure from the original Battlefront where most “events” were double XP weekends or DLC playlists and will undoubtedly be welcomed by the player base that is highly anticipating the full release of the game next week.

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